2020 July 16

16 Jul: Definition of State: Article 12 of the Constitution of India

Our Constitution defines in Article 12 who is State and this is important because fundamental rights are enforceable only against the State and not private persons. The second issue dealt with under this article is whether Judiciary is encompassed under the definition of State? And whether fundamental rights are enforceable against it. The article explores the same with landmark judgements and case laws.

16 Jul: Decoding the Plastic Rice Rumor: A Study

There was a huge rumour few years ago that China had manufactured and managed to sell rice made out of plastic in the Indian state of Kerela. This was rapidly spread as news by media. But when food commission and judiciary inquired and tested the rice it was confirmed that there was no such thing as plastic rice. This is an interesting read about the same.

16 Jul: Death Penalty in India

The author begins with a brief history of the death punishments given in the world for crimes, then talks about the American perspective and then moves on to the Indian perspective. What did the 135th commission say in their report was that death penalty can be suspended for a while to see the effects. Read along to know more!

16 Jul: Data Protection Bill: To be or not to be passed?

Everybody today uses the internet for all sorts of things like bank transfers, bill payments, verifications, etc which means that there is lot of personal data on online resources which can be easily exploited by others. This calls for a data protection law that can make sure that such personal data is protected and thus this blog.

16 Jul: Delhi University Copyright Case

Taking a photo copy of book is very a very common practice in India. The same was done in Delhi University for a book which was otherwise very expensive and unaffordable for the students. This was followed by litigation when the publishers were notified of this blatant copyright infringement. This article follows this case with facts and the delivered judgement.

16 Jul: Cyber Crimes: Jurisdiction and Investigation

Jurisdiction in general cases is decided on basis of either pecuniary or territorial considerations. But this differs for cases of Cyber crimes since the jurisdiction can be pretty hazzy. The crime may occur in one place and the victim be situated in another or in worst cases the accused may not even be traceable. How does investigation happen in such cases? Read more to know…