5 Reasons why Research Papers should be the highlight of your CV!

Writing a valuable research paper is not an easy task and getting it published adds like an icing.

But why take up all these efforts?

We are going to tell five reasons which will make you believe that having a research paper in your CV is the most important thing at this point of time!

As students, we have to be always under pressure of standing out and guess what makes it tougher? Having an ideal ‘Curriculum-Vitae’!

One of the highest rated activity is  writing research papers, because we do it every now and then for our submissions. We have always heard about the publications, but why should we even be bothered to add it to our CVs?

Here, we are highlighting five-reasons which will make you believe that your efforts will yield you brownie-points

Shows your interest

Maybe you never had an opportunity to work in your field of interest, but can anyone stop you from writing about it? We do not think so. Make the best out of this opportunity because the employer is interested in knowing what you can put your efforts in, to know more about your interest, etc. Sometimes, finding a listed journal and getting the research paper published is a hustle but adding your original content is not.

Highlight the section

Many top recruiters always mention that each CV only has 90 seconds to make a difference. This turns out to be the truth for many! Highlighting the research paper section in your CV will ease out the work of employer because you have highlighted your area of interest. The amount of time the employer has to spend in understanding your CV will decide your chances; lesser the time, greater will be your chances.

Indicates speciality

Writing a research paper with an aim to get it published always adds stars. There are various journals which are listed and recognised by the relevant bodies. Getting your research paper published in such journals will increase your credibility because they have blind peer-review process and only the best research papers are published. This will also help the employer understand your research skills and portray you as a thought leader.

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Do homework

Researching about your employer should be the first step. If you intend to apply at Tier-1 law firm under mergers and acquisition department; it is expected that if you have published a research paper on any related topic, summarise your research in not more than three lines. This will make the employer more interested in your CV, and will cater to your interest. Having an approach towards relevant yet targeted publications will indicate your undivided interest and zeal to contribute.

Be specific

List the publications which are indicating towards your ideal career. If you believe International law is your key interest area, then mention about your international publications, association with international organizations, etc in a separate list. You can also mention that list of publications is also available on request; this will increase interest because the employer is looking for the best of the applicants.

We are sure, that by now you already know that you should include your research papers in your CV. Having a publication will show consistency because getting through desired internships does not happen always.

All the best!