5 Steps to Zero in on a topic that will make Research writing a cakewalk

We have always read around that a having research writing skills add to your perfection.

But what if you feel it is  a struggle?

You do not have to go anywhere now, because we are proud to present 5 steps which will make research writing nothing less than a cakewalk for you.

Follow them diligently to master the skills!

Step 1: Look at the parameters set by the assignment

Every assignment you receive has a list of do’s and do not’s. You must ensure that you have adequately understood the parameters which your research must have. The assignment may demand efforts more than you expected, like conducting a primary research, evaluating the results obtained to reach to a conclusion, etc., Look for possible resources which can be used to help the assignment which are in coherence with the demands of the research assignment. A subject in itself is a mandatory parameter yet foremost.

Step 2: Read a lot and find a topic of interest within those parameters

It can be a theme which is communicated to you and you have completed the step mentioned successfully. Now, preferably do a Google search and read about the possible implications of that. Now after reading the scope of multiple research topics, select one which caters to your interest. Remember the parameters and then check whether the topic fits within it or not.

Step 3: Select an interesting off-the-beat path or a controversial topic

Many a times, it is told to take a neutral topic but we do not believe in it. Every topic deserves your attention and, wonder the possibility of readers already waiting to read something on it. The topic must help you stand out and you can always choose a controversial topic over a generic topic.

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The generic topic already has so many research paper which are adding very little or no value to the existing base of reader’s knowledge.

Step 4: Select a topic for which you can find manageable amount of information

You may like a bunch of topics, but can you gather relevant information on all of them?

The answer maybe no, because of no such substantive research developments exists on the topic which you can incorporate in your research paper.

It is important to select the research topic on which you can find information according to your research paper. A lot many times, students select a topic without doing any preliminary research due to which after doing so much of hard work they have to look for another topic because the information available is not adequate.

Step 5: Ask for guidance from your research advisor

Be it your friend or your professor, seeking consultation and advice always adds value to your research paper. Your professors or research advisor will help you develop valuable insights; give you a list of credible sources, what should be the structure of the information, etc which are very crucial while writing a research paper.

Congratulations, you have accomplished all five steps.

We hope that we have made this process a way more than easier for you.