8 Writing tools on the Internet to make research writing easy just for you

Making a research effective and easy at the same time is not a cup of tea. One has to be very alert and smart enough while doing any kind of research work. Internet is a vast sea of knowledge from which one must extract appropriate information wisely.

There are these important writing tools on the internet which would help you make your research writing easy.

1. Hemingway Editor/ Grammarly/ After the Deadline/Slick Writer

Hemingway editor makes your writing bold and clear making it look presentable to the   reader. If your writing contains words which are complex and lengthy then this editor would help you with this. It not only shortens the length of some exaggerated texts but also highlights the common errors. What else could you expect from an app which uses its features to polish your writing? This app even corrects your grammar, fluency and sentence structure which is an icing on the cake.

2.  Cliché Finder

While writing it is important to prevent the use of overused phrases, expressions and words to develop a well- written piece. In order to provide accurate results, cliché finder uses a separate algorithm. Not only this, but this app is frequently updated for the betterment of writing. Bluntly, there is no use of an app if it is not easy to use by common public. But the most attractive feature of this app is that it is super easy to use. Writing is a part of everybody’s life irrespective of their career perspective. So before submitting your writing it is advisable to go through this app once which would definitely yield amazing results.

 3. Wordcounter

As it is rightly said that you can always edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank page. Mistakes are a part of writing. You start with a crap and eventually get better at it. Wordcounter always have your back in tough times related to writing. It helps you to check the word count. Many people wish to know the number of pages required for their respective word limit prior to writing, this app even helps you with that. If you write more than required then that not only makes your writing lengthy but also lessens the reader’s interest. Therefore, no other app than Wordcounter would be beneficial in such a scenario.

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4. The Most Dangerous Writing App

This app is meant for writing under peer pressure. If you stop typing all your progress will be lost. This app is beneficial for the beginners who want to test their typing speed and writing skills initially. Regular working on this app will help you to work under all circumstances since you would be great in writing under immense pressure.

5. Daily Page

As the name suggests, this app was built to help people develop a daily writing habit. Even for non- writers writing everyday is the most effective way to engage the creative side of their brain. You can really enjoy writing in its true sense through this app.

6. Airstory

Everyone wants to add a creative touch to their writing and therefore they search for quotes online and use the same conventional method of “copy-paste”. But it is quite an overrated method. Here comes Airstory for your rescue. It is the best free copying application that helps bloggers, writers, students and many other officials to write more, better and faster.

7. Evernote

If you never want to lose track of your tasks and deadlines then you are at a right place. This app works brilliantly while keeping a sync between your computer, smart phone or tablet. There is literally no use of submitting your writing if the deadline is already over, so in order to keep a track of such important things in this era of tedious workload you can have evernote by your side.

 8. Mendeley

You can definitely use this amazing app to organise your research. You can even collaborate easily with other researchers online. If you come across a reading which requires more research then you can find relevant papers based on your search. This app automatically generates bibliographies. All in all, this app is the best one for your writing and will surely enhance the quality for your search.

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At last writing is considered to be a part of almost everyone’s life in some way or the other. Writing would really become pale if there are no tools which would help in making that writing worth reading. These tools are really effective once you learn to use them in the right way. Initially when we start writing, there are a lot of hurdles related to words, research and many more that obstruct our path, but once we take the help of these amazing tools, nobody could stop you from framing one of the best writings. Not only centric to writing but it also enhances the habit of writing which one can easily inculcate in daily life.