Subramanian Swamy v. Union of India

The court in this case discusses that reasonableness and proportionality of a restriction is determined from the view point of the interest of the general public at large, and not from the point of view of the person upon whom the restrictions are imposed.

Reservation for the Economically Weaker

The author here discusses the 124th Constitutional amendment bill. The objective of this Act is to make 10% reservations in public employment and higher education for economically weaker sections of general category candidates

Judicial Efficiency and Litigation Management

The author in this article discusses the concept of judicial efficiency with a new sister concept that is emerging as of now, is the concept of Litigation Management. The concept deals with the management of litigation as distinct from the management of an individual case.

Female Foeticide: An Atrocious Truth of the Society

The author in this article discusses the issue of Female Foeticide in India and the fact that the root cause of this heinous crime lies nowhere other than the pathetic mindsets of the people of our country, who considers a female child to be a menace