Parag Agrawal

Relevance of Dicey’s Rule of Law

Trishangi Kulshrestha[1] & Vaibhav Jeswani[2] Abstract Dicey’s rule emphasizes on supremacy of law above all the factors in the society.

Article 368: Boon or Bane?

Sneha Solanki[1] The country having a monarch has to take care of its throne while a country having a federal

Article 368: Keeping Constitution Alive

Shubhankit Singh Sengar[1] “An unamenable constitution is worst tyranny of time or rather the very tyranny of time”[2] While framing

Constitution: static or not?

Shreya Srivastav[1] Introduction The Constitution is a fundamental law, written or unwritten, establishes the character of government by defining the