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Article 15(5): Reservation for SEBCs is valid.

In this landmark judgement, the Court was to adjudicate on the issue of validity of Article 15(5) of the Constitution of India which gave reservation in favour of Socially and Economically Backward Classes (SEBC) and it upheld the same

Amit Vs. State of Uttar Pradesh: A crime of rape and murder.

In this 5-minute read, you will learn how a relative of a girl took her away only to be found with her blood-stained frock and his blood stained-shirt. The relative raped the girl and murdered her and the Supreme Court imprisoned him for life.

When does ‘State’ include private organisations under Article 12?

In this 5-minute read, you will learn about the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court in a landmark decision to determine whether an organisation is or is not an ageny or instrumentality of the State under Article 12 of the Constituion of India.

Convicting Adolf Eichman

On reading this case analysis, you will learn how Adolf Eichmann was hanged to death for the war crimes he perpetrated during the World War II and the approach of Israel’s Supreme Court in holding him guilty.