Beating Research Procrastination

Have you ever kept your things aside and thought, ‘I have time, I can do it later!’

We are sure your answer is YES!

We all have been there and there is nothing to shy about because we all procrastinate at least once in a day, but what makes research procrastination different?

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The struggle of beating procrastination is real, and deep down we all know it. No matter how many positive posts we like on Instagram or read them online, nothing looks like helping. A slight delay in doing a task is not procrastination but a prolonged unresponsive attitude is. The relevance of having a high priority task bag and a low priority task bag will always help you.


By accepting and taking a decision of delaying a task for a good reason is not procrastination. Identification of the reason behind procrastination holds paramount importance, because an unidentified attempt yields no results.

Recently, it was found that the procrastination arises because of the nature of the task. As law students in order to learn we end up putting everything in our bags. Not every task will be easy like surfing online some of them surely require your immediate attention.

For this you can surely sit, write, divide and find what makes the task fun because there will be something for you. While researching you will find everything related to your topic, but not everything will be relevant.

Make a schedule: You must have read this everywhere because having a planned approach will let you keep a track of your progress and tick all the hurdles you have accomplished. Having reasonable and realistic goals everyday will help you quantify your research. Set daily reminders and do the work in smaller chunks because you are more likely to complete them.

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This works, trust us.

We all have been guilty of procrastinating while researching and ended up with a movie because, time is already gone and excuses will now find their ways towards us.

Instead, forgive yourself and own the task as if it will have long-term impact on your learning curve. Determining your inner-motivation to accomplish a research has a lot to do with your approach towards it. Completing a research task will always be intimidating because without knowing the extent of the topic, you will feel stuck. Seek help here. If you don’t, you will procrastinate and put the research on hold for indefinite time period because you believe you will not find anything.

Dividing the research topic into chapters and sub-chapters will give you clarity and help you devise a strategy towards effective research. You can set reminders to complete each chapter anytime during the day based on your convenience or willingness to research. Being accountable for something will make you more responsible. Not every time the topic of research is of your choice but accountability comes with responsible minds.

We came across a five-minute miracle strategy, and here it is for you as well. Follow these three-steps and you will thank us later!

  • Ask yourself “what action can I take in less than 5 minutes today that will move this forward even a tiniest bit”
  • Spend those 5 minutes doing that task
  • Once you start, you are much more likely to finish due to the Zeigarnik Effect which says that by this a task once interrupted is recalled and your subconscious mind develops an urge to do it.

We suggest you have a power-hour daily so that you will have a progressive approach towards your research, but what is a power-hour?

In power hour, put away all the distractions and work in concentrated chunks of time followed by short periods of rest. You can have 20 minutes slots each with a 5 minute break. This gives innovative space to your mind, you can think on your toes, add more ideas, and develop an thought process related to the research topic, etc.,

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Try this!

Who says only submission should be the last resort of happiness?

At the end, reward yourself for all your efforts because you finally got over your procrastination to achieve this goal.