Is the Character Of A Person Shaped By Society?

The author talks about first the society and then the character of a man. By using various definitions given by sociologists, the blog talks about the definition and characteristics of a society and then how the compulsion, role played and environment in the society shapes the character of the man.

Man is regarded as a social being and the relation between the society and human being is very close and he depends on society and we know that society also includes all the relationship which a person forms with his fellow beings. Society follows various norms and ethics and every person who lives in a society is expected to follow those norms and ethics. Different people have different cultures and all the people have their own thinking and lifestyle and every person wants to live life according to his own thinking but the kind of society we live in, influence a person the most i.e. in order to be famous and get respect in the society the activities or the daily pursuits of  a person will be favoring or according to the norms or rules set by the society and it can be said that the character of a person is shaped by the society as person will react similarly as he sees his fellow beings acting in society and various other elements of society also govern the behaviors of a person.

Topics Covered in this article

Definition of Society

  • MacIver and Page:-According to him, society include every kind and degree of relationships entered into- many men and many other social creatures-with one another. They further say society is the system of a social relationship through which we live.
  • Adam Smith:-According to him, society is an artificial device of natural economy.
  • Thomas Hobbes:-According to him, society is a means for the protection of men against the consequences of their own untrammeled natures.

From above definitions, we can conclude that society includes every relationship entered by various people with one another and can also be regarded as an artificial device of controlling the natural economy and protecting men from several of the bad effects of others.

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 Characteristics of Society:-

  1. DEFINITE TERRITORY:- A society has a definite territory and various kinds of groups exist between that territory and new relationships are formed in that territory. There are also manmade or natural boundaries and some of the examples are cities, country neighborhoods, etc.
  2. CULTURE:-As we know that various societies exist at a particular time and every society is having its own culture because there are various people who live in the society and everyone is having his own culture and religion according to his need. The development of culture is a continuous process and it can also be regarded as a comprehensive culture that may have sub-cultures also.
  3. LIKENESS AND DIFFERENCES:-Different people exist in different societies each one of them having their own likings and disliking as every person is having his own thinking and he will be attracted to those who are having similar likings instead of being attracted towards the people of disliking. The people with having similar likings will impact the most on the behavior of the person and there will be a difference in the behavior of a person having different likings and disliking and all the relationships will be based on that and similar characteristics will be found in the people.

How Character of A Person is Shaped by Society

Different people exist in society and we know that man is a social animal of society who has to live within a definite territory with other social beings. The character of a person is developed or based on the behavior of society with that person as if the behavior of other people will be favorable a good and favoring attitude will be formed by the person towards the society and he will be having a positive approach towards the other people of the society. The person will be having a good character as if he will be in a good and law-abiding society and further if his needs will be fulfilling without any kind of barrier then this will also have a good effect on his character various other factors also determine charter of a person as:-

  1. NECESSITY OF A PERSON:-Man lives in a society because necessity compels him to live there and many of his needs will remain unsatisfied if he does not have the cooperating and a good character in the society. Every individual is the offspring of a social relationship established between man and woman and he is totally dependent on the society for fulfilling his necessities and the society will only accept him and help him in fulfilling his needs if he will be having a favorable character as well as attitude towards them. Society is very important for the development of a person’s character and no person can develop a good character unless he experiences it in the society.
  2. SOCIETY AS AN ELEMENT:-Man lives in society for his mental and intellectual development. Society preserves our culture and transmits it to succeeding generations. Society liberates and limits our potentialities as individuals and molds our character our morals and ideals .the character of a man will not be favorable for the society if his needs and necessities are not fulfilled by the society.
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We can conclude that the society plays a vital role in the framing of the character of a person as various people live in the society and every one of them is having different thinking and culture from one another and person will be having good morals and ethics towards the people having similar likings and thinking. Necessities of a person also frame the character of a person in order to fulfill his necessities the person will have to form a good as well as a perfect character in the society.

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