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Progress and development only go as far as the society’s abilities, for what is a society that is not enlightened? With this motto, Jus Dicere publishes its Monthly Journal of Law, Ethics & Society. Knowledge and information is only as effective as it is spread and propagated. With the objective of spreading research on law and policy that matters, this journal was brought by Jus Dicere.

Recent Issue

Child Trafficking and Sexual Abuse: Challenge to Human Rights in Modern India

Authored by : Aashna Aggarwal

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The Law on Crimes of Stalking and Voyeurism in India with effect on Right to Live of the Victims

Authored by : Animesh Pareek

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Climate Change, Global Warming and Depletion of Ozone Layer

Authored by : Arya Panda

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Media Trial in India: A Case of Double Jeopardy

Authored by : Avni Tiwari

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RBI New Framework, 2018 for Dealing with Stressed Assets in India and Its Impact

Authored by : Ayush Dwivedi

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Force Majeure in COVID-19 affecting companies and MSMEs

Authored by : Saumya Sharma & Vanshikha Choraria

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The Development of Competition Law in India: Post Independence to Competition Act, 2002

Authored by : Animesh Pareek

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One Man’s Vulgarity is another Man’s Lyric: Treatment of Obscenity as a Crime under Indian Law and Society

Authored by : Ashna Chhabra

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Law of Extradition in India with View of International Law and Treaties

Authored by : Avni Tiwari

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Liberty of Sexual Orientation under Indian Law and Societal Aspects

Authored by : Ayush Dwivedi

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Constitutional Protection of Civil Servants in India and Chances of Misuse

Authored by : Kushal Srivastava

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Criminal Justice System Reforms in India: It’s Players and Suggestions

Authored by : Nijandhan K P

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Introduction to Jurisprudence of Marriage under Muslim Law in India

Authored by : Tanish Khandelwal

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