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Progress and development only go as far as the society’s abilities, for what is a society that is not enlightened? With this motto, Jus Dicere publishes its Monthly Journal of Law, Ethics & Society. Knowledge and information is only as effective as it is spread and propagated. With the objective of spreading research on law and policy that matters, this journal was brought by Jus Dicere.

Recent Issue

June 2020
Issue 5
Title of Paper Name of Author Page Number Paper Link
Preventive Detention-A Constitutional Hazard? Nitya Agarwal 370-381 Click Here
Right to The Internet as a Fundamental Right: A Constitutional Outlook Riddhi Daga 382-396 Click Here
Acceptance of Plea Bargaining as a Concept In India Mahima Mehra 397-410 Click Here
The Antiquated Adultery Laws in India Shrika Gautam 411-423 Click Here
The Legal And Moral Dilemma About Euthanasia Mahima Chaudhary 424-430 Click Here
Evidentiary Value Of Identification Parade Daksha Khanna 431 -438 Click Here

Archived Issue

January 2020
Introductory Issue
Title of Paper Name of Author Page Number Paper Link
The Development of Competition Law in India: Post Independence to Competition Act, 2002 Animesh Pareek 1-8 Click Here
One Man’s Vulgarity is another Man’s Lyric: Treatment of Obscenity as a Crime under Indian Law and Society Ashna Chhabra 9-17 Click Here
Law of Extradition in India with View of International Law and Treaties Avni Tiwari 18-29 Click Here
Liberty of Sexual Orientation under Indian Law and Societal Aspects Ayush Dwivedi 30-33 Click Here
Constitutional Protection of Civil Servants in India and Chances of Misuse Kushal Srivastava 34-40 Click Here
Criminal Justice System Reforms in India: It’s Players and Suggestions Nijandhan K P 41-48 Click Here
Introduction to Jurisprudence of Marriage under Muslim Law in India Tanish Khandelwal 49-58 Click Here
February 2020
Issue 1
Title of Paper Name of Author Page Number Paper Link
Child Trafficking and Sexual Abuse: Challenge to Human Rights in Modern India Aashna Aggarwal 59-67 Click Here
The Law on Crimes of Stalking and Voyeurism in India with effect on Right to Live of the Victims Animesh Pareek 68-75 Click Here
Climate Change, Global Warming and Depletion of Ozone Layer Arya Panda 76-93 Click Here
Media Trial in India: A Case of Double Jeopardy Avni Tiwari 94-99 Click Here
RBI New Framework, 2018 for Dealing with Stressed Assets in India and Its Impact Ayush Dwivedi 100-104 Click Here
March 2020
Issue 2
Title of Paper Name of Author Page Number Paper Link
Terrorism and Law Ishita Gupta 105-111 Click Here
Information Technology and Intellectual Property Rights: Online Use of Trademarks and Domain Name Kriti Verma Akash Dutta 112-123 Click Here
Analytical Study of Technology and Its Application to Criminal Justice System with Special Reference to Narco Analysis and Polygraph Test Kruttika Krushnanjana 124-134 Click Here
Treatment of Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage under Hindu Law Kushal Srivastava 135-141 Click Here
Comparative Study of Indian Federalism with USA Monalisa Mukherjee 142-156 Click Here
Evolution and Functions of Forensic Science and Law Nandita Krishnan 157-172 Click Here
Reproductive Rights for Women Navpreet Kaur 173-177 Click Here
History and Legality of Independent Directors in India Nijandhan K P 178-184 Click Here
Copyright Laws Nilisha Kashwi Vidhi Kumar 185-195 Click Here
GST and Indirect Taxes Construed Prantik Mukherjee Sandip Mukherjee 196-209 Click Here
April 2020
Issue 3
Title of Paper Name of Author Page Number Paper Link
HDFC Ltd v. RHC Holding: The Recurrence of the NBFC-IBC Debate Prithwish Gosh 210-212 Click Here
The Interplay between Competition, Innovation, and IPRS R Abhishake Castro 213-220 Click Here
Copyright Societies: With Emphasis on IPRS and PPL Rachita Agrawal Shivani Singla 221-239 Click Here
Amendment- UCC to Be Changed from DPSP to Fundamental Right Rahul Rajan 240-242 Click Here
Insider Trading Regulations in India Saurabh Batar 243-259 Click Here
Corporate Governance in Banking Sector: A Legal Perspective Sonali Sachdeva 260-272 Click Here
Safety at Work Places? Sugandha Sehgal Deepti Chauhan 273-282 Click Here
Physical Crimes against Women Yukti Yadav 283-285 Click Here
May 2020
Issue 4
Title of Paper Name of Author Page Number Paper Link
Genetic Discrimination and Health Insurance- An Analysis Akansha Choudhary 286-295 Click Here
Role of Banks in Prevention of Money Laundering In India – An Analytical Study Anveksha Padhye 296-304 Click Here
To Surrogate or Not to Surrogate? Arifa Khan 305-315 Click Here
Cyber Law and Ethics: Issues, Impacts and Practices Arvind Singh Kushwaha 316-323 Click Here
Fundamental Rights and Contempt Power of Courts and Legislature Dharna Rajpal 324-333 Click Here
Karta of a Joint Hindu Family: An Analysis of the Qualifications, Powers and Positions of a Karta Gopika.A.Aryad 334-342 Click Here
Legal Aspects Concerning the Proving of a Will Medha P M 343-351 Click Here
Explore the Law’s Approach to Liability for Pure Economic Loss in Construction Contracts Mohit Garg 352-359 Click Here
Powers of Revision under Indian Constitution Parvati Nair 360-369 Click Here

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