IPR Regime & Covid-19


The editors are Ms Shruti Das and Ms Nibedita Basu. Ms Das is Assistant Professor of Law from the last 4 years and Ms Basu is also an Assistant Professor and has extensive industrial experience in legal consultancy.

Zameer Nathani, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, UFO Moviez has consented to author the Introduction for the book.

The advancement of technology has been a driving factor in the global economy. Intellectual Property has been central to that, however, the debate of public health vs IPR has been a never-ending one The IPR regime incentivizes the innovator/s and help them reap the benefits of their labour, but at the same, the concern for public health is also very real.

Pharmaceutical companies invest billions in their research on a drug, and when they are put on the market, they would want to benefit from their investments. The pertinent question here is whether, we have a balanced IPR regime, which would not only lubricate the wheels of the economy but also pay attention to public health?

The provision of compulsory licensing in recent times has been much in focus, but how far has it helped in this situation of the pandemic? These are the points that they want to address in our issue, where they see a standoff between the IPR regime and COVID 19. The Editors covered their thoughts, in the form of articles, essays, etc.

  • Paperback: 200 pages
  • Publisher: Parag Agrawal
  • Imprint: Jus Dicere & Co.
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