PhD Thesis


With our PhD. Thesis Assistance, we will provide you with Thought-provoking, solution providing, path-breaking consolidated research. In this plan, we will provide with you the content of around 200 pages as per the research guidelines provided by you in a well-formatted word document.

Once you buy this service, we’ll email you (usually within a day) and ask you to fill out a small intake form in which you tell us a bit more about your aim and what type of research you are planning.

Research Analysis:
Basic: In the basic analysis, we cover a brief understanding of the topic and address 2 to 3 research question with relevant authorities.
Critical: In the critical analysis, we cover a detailed in-depth understanding of the topic and address 5 to 7 research question with relevant authorities, international treaties and laws wherever applicable.

In case you are looking for a customised quotation, please get in touch with us at, we will be happy to help you.

Research Analysis

Basic, Critical

Page Count

150, 250

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