Rancid Nature of Social Media Bullying– A Protective Appraisal

Saranya Sri. G[1]

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Social media is a place where now a day everyone is available, from small kids to senior citizens. Major community which was using the social media was the teen age generation. All developments were made in this social media was to improve the living culture of people and for the society. But not all users are using it for good and developing purposes. Some people want to have fun and make money. However, money doesn’t matter for the bullies. Online harassment is the major part of social media bullying. Being bullied in social media is a very harmful thing and it will make people week and depressed. We should be careful always when using the internet with the devices and also with our personal works which so confidential. All the time means that a bully can sneak into your life and make it feel like there is safer place in the world to survive with the internet and social media.

Social Media Bullying

The uprising of the social media has become one of the biggest technological development advancements. An example of this tremendous rise is on. The source states that daily almost 76% of face book user’s use the website daily. The significance of this is that face book actually has 2.07 billion active users and continuing on its website. When the social media is this much active and influence people and the teenagers to ne active the online social media websites. Where the compulsion or influence starts, the bullying starts. When the bullying starts to take place in text it was a terrible period for the people who are bullied. Basically, we won’t tell any of our details including name to a strange person in phone call or in sudden meeting also, Even with a Known stranger we won’t reveal our own personal details. Person who we accepting as a friend in social media is also an stranger, but the persons say them as a stranger, here a social Media starts to play a good game between them like a good friend. We will believe blindly them as our close one and say all the personal details about us and us itself getting into a critical position. Blindly we can’t blame the persons who are bullying, how the personal details gone to them without our knowledge. It should be always investigated. If it was hacked or the fire wall was broken means it cannot be a mistake of a person who has been bullied. The photos should be kept safely and personally. It was happening because only in the word of trust and trust only. Why we should trust the strangers. When the trust breaks, the person will start to show their original face, it will be very difficult to face. Strong persons itself will struggle a lot in this position. Social media cyber bullying should be stopped because it is wrong and in the main it was an opinion from the eye of public. When the person faces the social media bullying they are humiliated not because of what was said but because of who may have seems it in today’s society.

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It is important to note that on Twitter’s Hateful Conduct policy, it stipulates that when a post is reported for violating the rules, Twitter’s post monitors may consider the context in which the post was made before it outright removes the tweet or suspends the account. Similarly, Face book allows an easy method of reporting photos and posts. Users can report hate speech, non-consensual use of another person’s photos, photos that may illustrate a threatening position against a person or groups of persons as well as direct threats made against a user. One useful tool to help combat social media bullying is the block feature. It is a simple process to block followers on the various social media platforms. Ridding your profile of such negativity can make the entire social media experience more pleasant and safe. 

By changing your privacy setting some dangerous situation can be avoided, set or fix your contact and personal details that which can only visible to your friends and family or without your knowledge it should not get to be accessed. And keep all your personal details private, while posting or making status do not reveal your details like address, phone number, and educational institution information. Block the entire unknown person, when they start to text you at the first time itself. Just don’t respond to the messages that you getting threatened, our reply will itself make them to do more. And this can make the bullying worst, and you can be troubled more. Save the harassment messages you got from the suspect, and it will surely help you in critical situation. And you will be having evidence against them. Report when it becomes serious threats to the police. If someone threatens your safety or shares sexual pictures or video of you, report it to the police immediately. It may be hard to care about a bully’s feelings, but people who bully are often in pain and insecure about themselves. So they’re unfairly taking their bad feelings out on you. It isn’t right, but it might help to remember that their mean actions are not about you. Their bullying is about their own insecurities. You’re valuable. You’re important to this world. And no matter what anyone might say, you didn’t do anything to deserve this.

  1. Don’t contribute to online bullying, even if your friends encourage you to do it.
  2. Don’t encourage bullies by “liking” or sharing their comments or posts.
  3. Don’t spread rumours online. Call out misinformation and gossip.
  4. Don’t forward mean messages.
  5. Defend other people when they’re being bullied online.
  6. Block and report harassers. Many websites like Facebook or Twitter have safety centres where you can report harassment.
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The persons who are not affected can’t feel the pain of the persons who are bullied, but they can support them by helping in indirect way also. Just don’t support the hackers and harassers, just this thing can stop the bullying more that 70 percent. Person should think about their families at least if they are not thinking about the affected person. Not only a single person is getting affected here, the person’s family will also suffer a lot. More online bullying is ended here in suicide.

[1] IV Year B.C.A.LL.B.,(Hons), School of Excellence in law, Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar law university, Chennai,