Self Sustaining Lifestyle: Need of the hour

This article discusses the various definitions of Self Sustenance and what such a phenomenon means. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of self sustenance along with the challenges that are faced by people when unlike rural settings they are trapped in urban tiny spaces.

SELF SUSTAINANCE is a word that seeks the utmost importance in today’s world and in today’s peoples’ lifestyle. What basically is self-sustaining? Does this word have a proper definition? Does this word have a single definition that fits in everywhere? Well asking me a single proper definition does not exist for this word. This word has a different definition for different people, defining self-sufficiency or self-sustenance would be best “As what one has, where one is”.

Different dictionaries define self-sustenance differently:

  • When one is able to fulfill ones’ own need without any dependence
  • When one has confidence in ones’ own resource

Now as this word has different meanings it also can be looked up on two different scenarios, one where one is living on land having huge acre area and fulfilling ones’ own basic need and another where one lives in a suburb and prepares oneself for the worst situation. Self-sustaining lifestyle can also be defined as living a lifestyle without destroying the nature and natural resources. Living a simple and efficient life and making everything go as far as possible. To achieve a healthy self-sustaining lifestyle one of the important and basic strategy is to provide as much as possible for ones’ own need. The most important question that arises through the definition is whether it is important or not, leading to a self-sustaining lifestyle. The lifestyle that comprises, much using of one’s’ own resource.

Not only does this lifestyle help you to know your own potential, strengths, and weaknesses it also makes you realize what you are taking away from the next generation, the most HOT-SHOT topic in today’s century. The way mankind is changing nature and its resources the next generation would have to pay for our sins. However hard it is to except but that remains a fact that yes we have already destroyed a huge part of what that does not fully belong to us. What not is changing today or rather I should say what not have we seen in today’s time be it natural calamities, or scarcity we have faced a lot and if people’s way of living doesn’t change it would become worst.

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How can we choose to take away all the brightness offered by nature and leave all darkness for the future to come?

Besides all this, every thing has a dual side. If there are advantages of sustaining lifestyle then there are disadvantages too.

The five big benefits of becoming self-sufficient are:

  • A self-sufficient person is not dependent on availability, capacity, or price fluctuations of central resource distribution.
  • A self-sufficient person minimizes resource loss, considering the small physical scale and compact nature of the self-sufficient system.
  • Self-sufficiency assumes the use of local renewable resources, which in itself has numerous advantages over using fossil fuels.
  • A self-sufficient system supports the ideas of resilient communities, transition movement, localization, and perm culture.
  • Self-sufficiency can help low-income families to achieve economic independence.

The five big disadvantages of self-sufficient lifestyle are:

  • The availability of resources depends upon a circumstance which does not always prove to be in ones’ own side.
  • Today living life and most importantly surviving through life is difficult there does always remain money involved.
  • Though self-sufficiency remains to be a positive trait it sometimes hinders your self-reliance.
  • Not always your own thinking would help you get sail there comes the time when you need advice and help.

Self-sustenance should also have a balance between people and nature

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