The Disputed Sea: Will South China Sea cause the III WW?

China is emerging as a World Power and it is trying its best to conquer the South China Sea and its small countries. India is also a stake holder in this issue and might go ahead to lead against China's conquest. This article gives a glimpse to this burning issue.

India Isn’t just a Spectator This Time

Different islands in the South China Sea are claimed by different small territories (Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan) and all of these territories were trading peacefully until recently when China claimed its authority over all these islands.

The Philippines initiated proceedings against China under Annex VII to UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea). The International Arbitration Tribunal upheld the claims of Philippines and ruled against the claims of China. (Claims made by different nations over different islands of South China Sea)

Why is India Getting Involved?

  1. International Relations

India has maintained good relations with all these nations apart from China, which can be better called an enemy of India. Most of these countries are a part of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nation) and look forward to India for help. All these countries believe that India is a strong and influential nation and it is a good opportunity for India to strengthen its relation on an international platform.

Further in the near future when China will create problems for India, these countries will readily take a stand for India.

  • Trade and Natural Resources

The South China Sea has vast reserves of oil and natural gas. Once India gets successful in strengthening its relationship with these countries, it can depend on Vietnam and Singapore for these resources.

Also, around 50% of trade activities of India are conducted through the South China Sea, so if China gets the authority over it and consequently the Malacca Strait, they will definitely interrupt the Indian trade.

China and India Competing for Influence Over the Sea

It’s clear that India will gain influences over the islands if it provides the much-needed help to these nations. Even if India has not made any claims, India will definitely enjoy certain benefits. The South China Sea observes the maximum trade activity all around the world and hence gaining influence over it would be gaining influence on world maritime trade activities.

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It is the same reason why China wants the territorial jurisdiction over the sea. However, one thing can be noted, India has no specific aims whereas China is aiming at being the next world superpower and conquering the US. If such a thing happens then no one will be safe as China believes in ruling rather than having a democratic form of government.

China Warns India and the Us to Stay Away

The US has intervened and is using its naval force to protect small nations from the forces of China. China, however, is planning on initiating a war if US and India don’t step back. On People’s Liberation Army’s 89th Anniversary, China’s president Xi Jinping exclaimed that China should be ready for war.

Future cannot be determined by anyone but if the war happens, the biggest concern of United Nation Security Council (UNSC) in 2017, India cannot back out and stand in the audience this time. It will definitely be a great loss for India and many other nations.


Before anything one should keep in mind that wars do not benefit anyone, rather it is a loss for everyone. A single war pulls a nation’s economy backward and leads to destruction which takes years to restore. So, all we pray, for now, is a settlement or a negotiation between these countries which will lead to peace for all.

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