The Essentials Every Researcher needs to create Marketable Content

We humans have used writing to communicate the best of our opinions. Each one of us has a different writing style as per the need of the topic or our personal inclination. As a researcher, it is very important to understand appropriate writing style which suits us.

For instance, blogging is personable, friendly and opinionated and on the other hand White papers are long because they describe a problem and provide a solution. You must choose the purpose of your research writing so that you can choose a better writing style which is in accordance with your topic.

Next we move on to the process of Ideation. It is the creative process of finding a subject, a title and angle to write about. It will usually begin with analytics and you will be responsible for ensuring that the interests of audience are intact in your research paper. For this, you can perform a keyword oriented research which will help you find the terms which are searched the most and then you can draft a catchy title.

For every researcher the content holds paramount importance and delivering quality content should be of main interest. The content must be original in its existence. You can only develop the original perspective by reading multiple articles and blogs. This will help you add a different perspective to the existing content.

What a discussion cannot do is still not discovered but what it can do is not unknown. Try to initiate a discussion with other people around you. This will help you to develop more ideas and add new variations to your research. As a researcher you must ensure that you have analyzed the possible inherent ideas and biases of your audience. By this, you can also know about contrary beliefs of your audience. For this, you can interview individuals to show stark difference in beliefs which are adopted and question the existing beliefs.

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Based on all of the above views you can also create a relatable story. This will not only keep the readers hooked but also will help you communicate the concept in the best way. A lot of people can relate to stories better than facts.

Once you have collected the requisite information for your content ensure that you have initial exposure which determines whether the entire content will be read or not. It’s a way of putting your content together in the most convincing manner so that you feed on the curiosity of the reader to deliver value.

The tone of your content also matters a lot. If it’s aggressive, chances are that the reader will be hesitant towards your thoughts and will have no interest in adopting them. A friendly and convincing tone will always keep your readers engaged. Always read your content multiple times to eliminate the errors.

The content which reaches multiple people can be marketed well but this also comes with an active social media presence. You can easily market your content by your followers where they actively share your content with other readers.

Marketing your content is not about gaining reach but creating a valuable social presence. This will be a positive contribution from your end to existing reader base.

We hope that you have actively understood the essentials and would implement them for better reach.