Tips to Become a Better Writer

Writing – a passion or a profession- this thing used to debate in my mind.  But I must say to make writing a profession, one must consider it as a passion. One must have an urge to write and should feel the words that are being pinned down. No doubt, writing is an art. To be more precise, it is a craft. One has to craft words, or in simple sentences arrange words accordingly, which would just ignite a deep feeling in our soul. Writing is not at all a difficult thing. Any layman can try his hand in this field. But, if a person is starting from nowhere, it may take some work to convince himself that he can do it. How to become a better writer.

The best thing to do if a person wants to become a writer, no matter how old he/she is, is to write regularly. Let the person write for 10 minutes or an hour but he should write.  The tough thing, in the beginning, is to make yourself devote time to writing.

Writing is something we can only learn by doing. And the more we write, the better we get- the greater we sense how words should flow as they express thoughts and feelings. There are no shortcuts here.  We just have to keep doing it until it becomes as natural as eating.

The second thing that will help us to become a writer is to become a voracious reader – anything from comic books to popular magazines is more grist for the mill. After writing a piece, we should seek out other writers who can guide us. We should share our work, get their comments, face their criticism with open hearts and should never lose hope. We should try to do better. Eventually, we will get more compliments than criticism.

Topics Covered in this article

Ways to Improve your writing skills

Get Clear

Writing anything needs a topic and the best way to get clear about choosing a topic is to have a vast knowledge of the subject matter, and for having a vast knowledge one must read on that particular matter from whichever source it is available, so as to enable himself enough knowledge to write a particular piece of topic.

Reading Books

Reading books not only enhances your knowledge and thinking but also boost up your verbal and writing skills, it simply means that whenever you read any book, you come to know about various beautiful lines, statements or quotes which might fascinate you and interest you to your writing area and this helps you in putting those lines into your own writing, thus improving quality of your writing.

Writing in a good mood

You might have noticed that when you’re stressed and trying to “force” yourself to write something wonderful, it virtually never works.

Research shows that getting yourself into a calm and relaxed state is the key to creativity. The reason is generally that you only come up with great ideas only when you feel happy your mind is in a stable state so as to enable you to think and write properly, generally it happens that due to excessive burden or any tension leads your mind to stop creating new ideas and prevents your thinking level.

Always whenever you sit down to write be sure that you are in a mood to write and make sure that it makes you happy and not because you are being pressurized to write.

Time Limit

After choosing a topic to give yourself some time to think upon it. Divide the topic into sub-topics and prepare a time limit for each topic and then continue the research accordingly.


Feedback is that tool by which one can become a better writer, feedback provides past performance and shortcomings and on which you can focus on key areas and terminate any negligence, faults in your upcoming writings.

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Always proofread or revise your work 3 to 4 times to become a better writer. As soon as you write your first article, keep an eye out for errors. After you’ve completed the first article, use any proofreading tool to identify for any grammatical errors. Start the third revision after a “cooling off” period. A small break will keep your mind to be calm and reboot so you can look at your work with a fresh eye, and then the next step must be showing it to other readers for their suggestion and then after the suggestion rounds again proofread it for the last time to check any left-out errors.

Writing for what?

Writing can be for many purposes, it can be for a blog, novel or any research paper. Finalize you writing and understand the type and the expectation of readers. For e.g. For a blog, one must write an article in simple or rather we can say it in a not too complex way because blogs generally include quick information and readers expect it to be short as compared to novels and research papers. In blogs always try to break sentences into small paragraphs thus attracting readers to your blogs, because most of the blogs are preferred by readers which includes small paragraphs rather than longer ones.


At last, if my point of view is to be presented, then, I would say, that any individual with creativity and strong language skills can become a writer. It is just a bit of reading one has to do and should observe things with intricate details. They just need to pick up the right words and craft them in the best possible manner. And, there it is, they are now a ‘Writer’.

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