Travel on Budget; tips and tricks

This article speaks from a pro point of view for an amateur traveller. Read this article if you are interested in learning how to travel on budget and minimize your expenses.

Many people like to travel, and traveling can be fun and exciting. So when traveling, it is a good idea to plan a budget. When traveling on a budget, it is important to research the location, mode of transportation, type of lodging, and types of activities in which to participate. In addition to the cost of the vacation. The budget plays a very important issue to decide on the possible destination. Everyone wants to go to their dream place but it has to be done on the budget.  The people who are having a low budget have a limited option to choose a place for a vacation. On the other hand, the person with the high budget has many options.  The budget can surely affect vacation. The budget can be low, medium or high.

The most important thing before traveling is to fix your budget and only then go further.

Best Ways to Enjoy Travelling on A Budget

  1. The first step is to do a research on different places which you might want to visit. For example Basic expenses, the price of the tickets, hotels and food options etc. There are some places which are always cheap and you don’t want to think and just make a sudden plan to go to that place. If we talk about some of the cheap places they might be NEPAL, BHUTAN, INDIA and many more. So just think, research and decide.
  2. If you are planning for a vacation then lookout on different websites as they come out with interesting offers on tickets price and accommodation too. So when you see that the price of both these two is in your budget then immediately book it.
  3. The third step is that you can stay in hostels or can also opt for couch surfing, nights wrapping and tripping which can reduce the cost of the stay.
  4. Try to make inquiry of the places where you are planning to go. There might be some “Free” attraction places which you can surely enjoy. Every place has some or the other amazing spots that people can surely visit without paying anything. For example: if you are in SINGAPORE there is a place named Marina Bay Sands where free laser show takes place.
  5. Go to the places where stuff is less expensive. Look for the departmental stores, local markets which are not overpriced. There are many places where you can opt for doing bargaining. This will help you in maintaining the budget structure.
  6. The most important factor with regard to travel on a budget is trying to go on vacation in the offseason. It is so because when you go in an offseason then automatically you will find everything at much affordable, for eg. the room rate, cabs or the flight rates.
  7. Try to go to places where you have your relatives or friends. Try to find places where you can stay with someone and hang out with them.
  8. Travel with people. I know how exciting and wonderful solo travel can be, but then it can also be expensive. When you are going on a trip with a group then there are many benefits some of them are you can share rooms, divide the amount as you spend hiring a driver or a cab or something which can save up the money for food. If in case you are traveling solo, then opt for places that allow you to shares rooms or hostels.
  9. In general that we spend a lot of money on food. So the most important thing is to spend minimum money as food. It’s not like sacrifice yourself but yes spend accordingly. Prefer eating in nice local restaurants which aren’t all that fancy and expensive. These are some of the places which basically offer the good food of a place rather than the glamorous food joints which are particularly a little western. Try out the street foods and cook for yourself when it is possible.
  10. The last important factor is that try to use local transport. That will be cheaper. Cabs and cars are expensive. Have a habit of walking by this you will come to know some new places also.
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Travel on budget is definitely not a fantasy. In fact, that is the best reason to start traveling. The first lesson to get hold of this budget traveling would be to hit the high road to experience more of you. Because that simple experience will leave us wanting to venture out one more time — only the next time would be further and longer with no plans for the final destination and no plans of returning home and to learn to stick with the budget.

To be honest, travel on budget will broaden our thinking by introducing us to different people from all walks of life and show us that although we do not all look, speak, or think the same, we all are essentially one because of our identical desires to travel with passion within the budget. Budget traveling is the best challenge everyone can take and it defines what the true meaning of freedom is without any unnecessary luxury. Instead, fitting into a mold, through our unique individual experiences, we now have the ability and courage to create our own happiness through a small budget.

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