Write a Research Paper in 2 days

Do you have a research submission scheduled anytime soon but you have not started yet?

Are you wondering whether you should seek extension because you will not be able to submit it on time?

We ask you to STOP!

We are here to share five-steps which will help you write a research paper in 2 days!

Yes, you heard it right!

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Notification: Submission due in 48 hours. Please adhere to the deadline.’

We all have been there. Student life is all about meeting deadlines, and we understand that very well.

We are here once again, to tell you that even if you were not available, procrastinated like most of us, lacked motivation or consistency, whatever your reason is; you will meet your deadline.

Read further to discover five steps which will help you write a research paper in 48 hours!

Step-1: Choose a research topic and decide a schedule

If you do not have a research topic, then find one at the earliest. Most of the research papers have a theme so it will not be a hectic task for you. Moving on, set a schedule for 48 hours which should include when you will eat, when you will work, what are the things off your schedule for next 48 hours, etc., and most importantly when you will sleep.

Why is it even important?

This will let you have a tentative plan which will let you meet your deadline.

Step-2: Do the research

Keeping in mind that you have only specific topics to know about will make you feel more disciplined. Now, you know your topic and sub-topics or aspects you wish to incorporate in your research paper follow it with a keyword search activity. Read relevant articles, books and journals to understand the extent of the topic and develop a thought process which will create a base for your research. Follow the links available online while you are reading and you will receive many leads.

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Step-3: Form a hypothesis or a research question

Every research has a question to answer; find yours. After reading available leads online during research you must have read many views, theories, problems, etc., which helped you form an inclination. Your research question must answer the issue or research gap you found while researching and what value will it add to the readers. You can form a hypothesis after determining the answers to all the questions you wish to answer through this research paper.

Step-4: Create an Outline

Once you have completed the above mentioned steps, life becomes easier for you while writing a research paper. Create an outline of your research paper, like number the chapters, write sub headings, include statistics and graphs you wish to refer, write the number of paragraphs, etc., This will give you a preview of your research paper and here is when you can modify your writing flow, if needed.

Step-5: Write and Edit

The most important yet highly taken for granted is this step. After having an outline, you will have a flowchart for your research paper and you will be able to list down all the important pointers without fail. By now, you must have already written the research paper and only submission is left what you think but you are missing another crucial step, i.e., editing. If your research paper is well drafted but it does not look presentable, you are surely going to lose marks. Make sure you have incorporated all the guidelines like, font, font size, alignment, line-spacing, etc., which will make all your efforts look worth full marks.

Now, your research paper is ready for submission!

We hope that these five-steps helped you in writing a research paper proficiently.

Check your clock; 48 hours are not completed yet.